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About Us

Celebration Boatworks was officially founded in April 2001 after Jared Hickman returned to the Seattle area after a prolonged trip to southern California. Although Jared went to California to help Joe Grieser with a Santa Cruz 52 he was working on, he found that there were a lot of boat owners in need of a mobile repair man. After working in San Diego for a month the Santa Cruz 52 (with Jared on Board) was moved to San Francisco for the Big Boat Regatta. Once there Jared again found that there was an overwhelming demand for mobile boat repair men.

Once Jared returned to Seattle in October of 2000 he decided to try out the boat maintenance business in Seattle. After a shaky winter start things started to take off the following April and so Jared decided to make it official and opened Celebration Boatworks.

In 2005 the summer rush found Jared with more business than he could handle and he started hiring contract employees to help out. For the last several years Jeff Lamborn has been a steady member of the Celebration Boatworks team, but it is not unusual to see as many a 5 people on the docks working on Celebration Boatworks boats.

Jared Hickman, Owner


Jared started his boating career in New Mexico at the age of 4 when his father purchased a Force 5. A couple of years later Jared found him self sailing his sister's Laser whenever she would let him and called the sailing tender for the Cal 27 that the family owned his own. Due to an unfortunate accident between the Laser and the sailing dinghy Jared was forced to repair both when he was 8 years old as boat repair men are scarce in New Mexico thus starting his boat repair career.


In the fall of 1990 Jared's family moved to Seattle and traded the Cal 27 for the J-30 Celebration. The family would race Celebration for the next 15 years on the Puget Sound. Due to the competitive nature of the family and the harsh Seattle winters Jared found him self polishing his boat repair skills.


For a summer in his college years Jared worked at Marine Service Center where he painted boat bottoms and ferried boats around Lake Union. In the Spring of 2000, Jared's good friend Joe called and asked if he would come to San Diego and help him out for a few months, being sick of the retail career he decided to quit, move out of his apartment and go to California.


A few years ago Jared become an official certified US Sailing Judge and he strives to get out on the water whenever he can. In July 2007 Jared took a job that he just could not pass up with the City of Seattle as a Bridge operator. Although the business and the city job take up most of his time, if the wind is up Jared is on the water sailing his Laser or Racing on the J-24 California Girl, The J-105 Allegro Veloce and the Peterson 40 Shoot The Moon whenever he can.


Affordable Boat Maintenance & Repair

Fully Licensed & Insured

Jared Hickman, Owner

Celebration Boatworks

114 240th St SE

Bothell, WA 98021